The Kasar HIMALAYAN Heights Hotel

A Hill Station Hotel in Almora, Uttrakhand

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The Kasar Himalayan Heights is a hotel located in the beautiful hill station of Almora, Uttrakhand.

Situated in a beautiful hilltop hamlet of uttrakhand, Kasar Devi is known for its magnetic pull which is one of the three places in the planet with the impact of highly charged geomagnetic fields that come within the van allen belts first discovered by NASA. Here it is our lavish property “The Kasar Himalayan Height Hotel”- A Few kilometers away from Almora.
The hotel has 12 rooms spread across 3 floors, each room is well furnished and provided with the modern amenities of life. All the rooms has an individual balcony for the guests to sit out. A multi-cuisine restaurant is associated with the hotel. Every room has television and dining facilities and an attached bathroom with running hot water. Well-lit rooms, equipped with a nice bed covered in beautiful bed sheet gives a heavenly feeling with the pleasant wooden fragrance. We have 24*7 wifi facilities which is a booster for people who want to make a work life balance and eager to work from the mountains. Free private parking is available on site. Surrounded by big pine and deodar trees, this beautiful hotel is no less than a paradise for the tourists. The best Kumaoni food, the peaceful ambience, and clear scenes of Himalayan peaks all add up to the beauty of this delightful living space, “The kasar Himalayan Heights Hotel” in the divine Kasar Devi.

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The Kasar Himalayan Heights is a hotel in Uttrakhand that offers the perfect mix of nature and hospitality. We offer well-appointed rooms, restaurants serving delicious cuisine, and proximity to all the beautiful tourist spots that Uttrakhand has to offer.

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The Kasar Himalayan Heights, Uttrakhand's Hidden Gem

Warm and cozy

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Kasar Himalayan Heights is the perfect escape from a fast-paced life.

Breathtaking views

If you're looking for a place to stay with the best view, The Kasar Himalayan Heights should be your go-to destination.

Perfect for couples

The Kasar Himalayan Heights is located in the hill station of Kasar Devi, Uttrakhand. It's a place where you and your partner can explore nature's beauty while staying in cozy and luxurious accommodations.

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